Lizzy Walsh

Kokoda Track participantLizzy Walsh

What first started out as a personal challenge turned into something that was so much more! Over the course of the nine days I got to interact with the Papua New Guinea locals along the track, who were so happy and kind, as well as the "legends", relatives of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels, who travelled with our group and helped us along the track. Each day, our guide, Owen, would provide us with some history of the battles that took place where we would be walking. These stories reinforced the values carved into the four pillars at Isurava: Sacrifice, Courage, Mateship and Endurance. Overall I completed the trek well. We were so lucky with the weather and the condition of the track, which was relatively dry.

Despite this the track still had some hairy parts where one careless step could send you tumbling down a cliff. However, the group banded together well and we looked out for each other and everyone returned safe and well. It was truly an amazing experience that I would do again without hesitation!

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