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Eric Robinson

Bachelor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

I spent 10 years working in the construction industry as a rigger. I was looking for a new challenge and engineering gives me the opportunity to work.…Read Eric's story >



Business student

My time at FedUni studying a Master of Professional Accounting has been really good, I have made new friends, and have found the lecturers want to help students to get a better grade.... Read Soimali's story >

Glyn Kilpatrick

Biomedical science student

I went to the Open Day and was impressed by the campus. It seemed like it would really suit me, being more of an intimate vibe. I grew up in the country and missed that. Going back to uni as a mature age student was daunting; but felt comfortable immediately. It was great to get back into it...  Read Glyn's story >



Information Technology

I decided to study a Bachelor of I.T (professional practice) after a suggestion from Kathleen Keogh, a lecturer and co-ordinator of professional practice in the Science and Technology faculty. I’m so glad I did.... Read Dylan's story >

Anna Kirton

Student - Education

Coming from a small regional town and being the first child in my family to commit to tertiary studies was rather daunting. Despite this, my transition from high school to university life was a breeze. Having lecturers and tutors that know you by name has given me a sense of belonging at this university...  Read Anna's story >

Matt Austin

Bachelor of Sport Management

I had experience as a professional athlete before I decided to go to university, and I have a passion for the sports industry, so I thought that sports management would be the right career path for me. The staff who take the sport management degree have had a lot of experience in the sporting industry... Read Matt's story>

Amelia Ayars

Early childhood education and care

I love being around children and watching them develop. They have so many questions, and a great imagination. The Diploma of Children's Services helped me to understand their development and how children grow and learn. As soon as I came to Open Day I knew I wanted to study here... Read Amelias's story >

Lizzy Walsh

Kokoda Track participant

What first started out as a personal challenge turned into something that was so much more! Over the course of the nine days I got to interact with the Papua New Guinea locals along the track, who were so happy and kind, as well as the 'legends', relatives of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels... Read Lizzy's story>

Professor Caroline Finch

2015 International Distinguished Career Award

Professor Finch has received a major international award by the American Public Health Association's (APHA) Injury Control and Emergency Health Services (ICEHS) section. Caroline is the director of FedUni's Australian Centre for Research into Injury in Sport and its Prevention (ACRISP)...  Read Caroline's story >

Courtney Scott

Cross country team manager

Being a part of FedUni at Southern Uni Games 2015 in Adelaide was a great experience. Having competed last year in Wodonga in cross country, I was looking forward to the event this year to catch up with the competitors from last year's race. This year, the cross country course was quite tough... Read Courtney's story >

Nick Fenaughty

Tennis team manager

Participating at the 2015 SUGs in Adelaide was an unbelievable experience which I would recommend to everyone! Due to the nature of the event it meant you could establish connections and friendships with peers from your University but also other universities...  Read Nick's story >

Aasha Linn

Mixed netball Gippsland team manager and female University team captain

We had some tough games that pulled us together as a team. This year's group was one of a kind, never failing to entertain both on and off the court. Considering the amount of preparation we had prior to the games we came out stronger than many expected and proved to be a team to be reckoned with... Read  Aasha's story >



Visual arts

FedUni offered me a way to learn and to go places in the future. I like being part of uni life and learning from the best, to be an art student. I’m working on Aboriginal art projects and have been offered lots of other experiences.… Read Ronald's story >

Grant Meredith

Faculty of Science and Technology

As a program leader for the Technologies for Empowering People for Participation in Society (TEPPS), he researches and designs simple, cost-effective technologies to assist people with disabilities. Grant is an active researcher and presents his work globally, encouraging people… Read Grant's story >



Psychology student

Before coming to FedUni, I never thought I could complete a university course. I started out by attending the FAST program and it was there that the staff encouraged me to continue with my studies and to reach my full potential... Read Rebekah's story >

Mackenzie Kerr

Mackenzie Kerr

Education student

I have a passion for education and I love kids. When I spoke with my careers advisors, they said FedUni offered a course which suited my needs.… Read Mackenzie's story >

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